About Lisa

Following the birth of my second daughter, it was time to look for something which was both for myself again and ideally beneficial more widely.  I rejected the prospect of a return to classical business life and inspired by my early and hugely impactful experience of Yoga, enrolled to qualify as a Yoga Teacher.
I became especially interested in yoga anatomy having carried injuries for years myself and, in particular,  I wished to learn how I could use these and my training to help those who are challenged by particular weaknesses or injury, and in my experience this seems to be the vast majority of us.  The inclusion of anatomy and physiology form the main part of my class during practice.  We all want to understand how we can help ourselves feel better and get rid of irritating pains and niggles.

At Yogonomy Yoga this means, working from the inside out.  Healing, cultivating lasting strength, balance and awareness.  Luckily I have got you covered with weekly vinyasa style classes that will incorporate all of this into your life and you can start this week.
This experience is what set me on a course to develop Yogonomy Yoga (Yog = Yoga, onomy = anatomy).  Understanding and tuning into what feels good for your body and mind, transitioning and moving safely and with ease to heal the body and mind.

The deeper my practice became, the more Yoga was becoming part of my life; small yoga experiences were created  in my day-to-day living.   Aside from the many obvious physical benefits,there were more subtle energetic and mindful improvements that happened as I began to widen my knowledge and advance my practice. Yoga helped me connect with myself, know my limits and push out my boundaries and understand  who I am, which we can all lose in the fast-paced society in which we live today .   Yoga gives so much back, so comparatively easily.   Each of us is different, be it in mind or body. Individually we learn so much more about ourselves through Yoga.  Balance postures, for example help us to relate to the balance we need to create in our lives, the more challenging a posture, the more we learn about how to deal better with life events. 
I cannot now imagine a day without yoga featuring at some point consciously and at all times unconsciously.  Whether I am teaching yoga, engaging in a personal practice, meditating, using various breathing techniques  (pranayama), it is omnipresent.  It is the WHOLE EXPERIENCE of yoga, now practised by over 200 million people worldwide that I would like to share with my students.
I know that yoga helps my students improve their physical, mental and emotional health, for me it's all part of the magic of yoga.