My 1:1 yoga therapy sessions with Lisa have been invaluable. Having suffered with various joint issues, Lisa’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the anatomy has enabled me to strengthen and achieve brilliant results through a carefully tailored yoga programme.  However, it is not just about  the physical aspects, Lisa has helped me find much more stillness in my day to day life…..she is incredibly patient and her calm manner is infectious!  She has invaluable words of wisdom and always goes above and beyond. Thank you for everything! 

                                                         Emma (Hartley Wintney)
__________________________________________________________________________Thank you for such a warm welcome back after being out for a while.  I have been practicing yoga with Lisa for nearly 4 years now, and was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2018. I have found that the inner core strength and balance I have got practicing yoga has helped me to recover from chemotherapy and 2 surgeries much more quickly than I (or anyone else) expected. I was able to come back to yoga 2 weeks after my mastectomy and able to join in with most of the postures. That is one of the great things about Lisa’s teaching, she always encourages you to try postures, but not to hurt yourself and gives options to let you work up to the postures that you find difficult. Also, yoga has given me a toolset to help deal with problems from my diagnosis and treatment. For example, child pose was the only way to ease the large bone aches from chemotherapy treatment. If I can do it, then really anyone can.

                                                                                                     Beverley Waine

I just wanted to write to you to say thank you so, so much for helping me start out on my path to learning yoga. It is no exaggeration to say it has completely changed my life. And I am so profoundly grateful to you for it.
I have done the odd yoga class before but it never grabbed me like it has now. That may have something to do with the age and stage I am now - basically a bit more worldly wise and (heaven forbid) a bit more spiritual and hopefully more mindful. But it's also in large part down to the extraordinary ability you have to teach and your enviable mastery of your own practise - you have me hooked. It's a rare talent to be so good at something but also so good at helping others learn. I so enjoy our classes and only wish I could do at least one every day!
                                                                                                                              Liv Guthrie

Thank you so much!  I love doing yoga with you especially when you can be a little more advanced with your class. You always make it challenging rather than monotonous and I walk away feeling rejuvenated!
                                                                                    Sophie Bullen


In the Summer of 2016 I was staggering around with a herniated disc and agonising sciatic pain. I was waiting for an operation and trying my best to carry on with my job.  I had no home life and was struggling through work - half sitting half standing to get comfortable on my long commute and then eating dinner laying on my stomach at home.  I was on a lot of pain killers and I felt so low and upset I really couldn't see past day-to-day living.  

I met Lisa through recommendation, I couldn't see how I would be able to move into yoga poses but I was desperate and so grateful of her offer to help.  Lisa slowly introduced me to ‘yoga therapy’ that started to prepare my body to heal the injury.  Each week we did a little more, taking pictures to help my practice at home and Lisa always tailored each session to my body's capabilities and twinges. Within a month I was virtually pain free and becoming more flexible where I'd been so stiff with pain before - I stopped taking the anti-inflammatory tablets and painkillers! 

Now it's only 3 months into my journey and I've just started the more advanced yoga postures.   I'm fitter and happier in my body and have got my creativity back. I have also began to plan my wedding, which we had put on hold last year because I was in too much pain.

Lisa's knowledge on anatomy is unbelievable. She will tell you exactly what is happening and what we are hoping to achieve with each yoga or therapy posture. I am so grateful to have found this path and I can't thank you enough Lisa. 
                                                                                                                                                      Sarah Whalley
At 69 I started yoga with Lisa.  Twelve classes later I am feeling so much stronger, flexible and aware of how much more my body can do.
It is so easy in later life to say "I can't do that now" but I now say "I can do that....in time".  Positive thinking.   

Lisa makes everyone feel relaxed and emphasises  that we are on own journey.  There is no competition and each class is different.  During the session she is very aware of how you are doing and always encourages us to listen to our bodies.    On my first visit to a new class I immediately  felt very comfortable and welcomed by all.   I particularly appreciate the encouragement from more experienced members.  

I would highly recommend the class to anyone.  Yoga has helped me tremendously in my everyday life, other sports and especially with  my arthritis - I now "spring" out of the bed and certainly notice the difference if I have missed a class.   

Lisa is an excellent teacher and her classes for any age, any level are wonderful. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Geraldine Hill

I have now moved.  I loved being in your Yoga class and will miss your amazing teaching and your beautiful energy.

                                                                                                                                                                Lori Delahunty

I asked Lisa for some yoga lessons at home as I have suffered with painful sciatica on and off for years.  I first went to her class in Church Crookham and realised what a wonderful teacher she is and a lovely person as well.

She targeted the area she thought was causing the pain and made out a plan which would stretch the muscles and build up strength to support the body. She took photos on my mobile phone and has kindly made up a folder so that I can go to it every time I practice at home.  She also had lots of hints and tips.  As well, she explains the reason behind the yoga positions which is very useful.

As a result of these sessions, and my weekly class, my sciatica is under control and I know how to manage if the sciatic flares up. 
                                                                                                            Trish, Fleet


"My husband and I have been having 1:1 weekly sessions with Lisa since September 2016. We decided we would try yoga following the birth of our first baby after developing lots of new aches and pains and getting to a class was difficult.

We are both thoroughly enjoying and benefiting greatly from our sessions. Lisa is friendly, encouraging and very informative about what we are doing and why. She is flexible, tailoring our sessions to meet our individual ailments, whilst being understanding to the needs of our baby. We both feel physically and psychologically better following our sessions and look forward to the following week.

We would thoroughly recommend yoga with Lisa."
                                                                                     Emma and Mark Jones

"As a 73 year old retiree with dodgy knees, a bad back and neck problems, I really didn't think that yoga, or similar would be suitable or achievable to enhance my golf and dog walking fitness regime.  However, last February, having seen the Yogonomy advertisement in the local news magazine, I plucked up courage and phoned Lisa, who convinced me to come along to a class and try it out, as all ages and abilities were welcome and could benefit from participation. 

Now some 9 months later, I believe my joining the classes was my wisest decision of 2016.  I feel generally much fitter, both physically and mentally.  It has also toned my body quite a bit, losing two waist sizes in the process.  Most importantly it has been an enjoyable experience. 

Lisa is a super teacher, giving clear explanation, guidance and instruction during the comprehensive and enjoyable programmes she devises each week.  As a result , the classes are attended by a really pleasant and friendly group of people.

Looking forward to more in 2017.
                                                                                                                Andrew Bolton
I just wanted to say thank you so much for yoga today.I was a bit apprehensive, as I hadn't been for a few weeks and had had that fall. But I feel so much better and really energised and more importantly, all back in alignment!  So, thank you so much.
                                                                                                                                  Sarah-Jane Hill


"I have always been an active person and tried many different types of exercise classes over more decades than I care to remember, but let’s just say I do remember Jane Fonda’s ‘Burn’!  Wanting to remain healthy, supple and toned are my key aims but I didn’t want to spend gruelling hours in the Gym on a treadmill!  Having taken up yoga in the last two years has proved very beneficial to me on so many levels; both physically and mentally; and finding a great Teacher to take you on your Yoga journey, is also vitally important. 
Lisa ticks all the boxes, she is a very keen practitioner of the anatomy of yoga and always explains the various health benefits of every pose, which in turn gives you the confidence to attempt a move that may seemingly appear impossible, without the fear of injury, and more often than not you suddenly find that you are somehow in that impossible pose! 
Lisa’s classes are fully inclusive, catering for all levels and ages with Lisa offering a variety of alternatives and add-ons so we can all achieve our potentials.  There are no egos in class, whilst we take our practice seriously, we still laugh, we huff & puff and Lisa encourages a great camaraderie, which invariably leads to us all spurring each other on and congratulating someone’s progress.  Lisa is very intuitive, recognising that individually we all have different abilities and what may be easy for one might be impossible for another, but the resounding feeling is that we all come out of class feeling a great sense of achievement with our own practice, not frustration for what we couldn’t do but a positive mood for what we’ve all just achieved is set for the rest of the day. 
The classes are always varied and inevitably we always run out of time as Lisa will always say “There’s so much I want to get through with you today” (maybe her new mantra!)  If you do have any health or injury issues Lisa always has advice or alternatives, or will research something for you in her own time. 
Lisa is right when she says “I cannot now imagine a day without yoga featuring at some point, whether consciously or unconsciously.’” And if you ever happen to see someone in the Supermarket queue, inconspicuously practising a ‘very low Tree Pose’, that might just be me – It’s all Lisa’s fault, she is inspirational!"
Jane Woods
"I started Yogonomy to keep a friend company. I am now loving it, the classes cover all abilities from complete beginner (me) to those who know what they are doing. Lisa is so encouraging that I have found I am able to achieve much more than I ever thought possible. I leave the classes feeling totally relaxed. Two classes a week are now firm dates on my calendar".
Morna Bell
I have been practising yoga with Lisa for 6 months. I tried yoga to improve my balance and to work on some aches and pains from old injuries. The aches are fading, balance is slowly improving and I have lost a stone and a half in weight and gone down by a dress size all over!

All true & I’m very grateful for your teaching btw.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Beverley Waine

"Lisa allows everyone to work at their own level, but encourages you to achieve. We can all do more than we think. A great class.
I had never done yoga before, it's unbelievable how addictive it becomes.
A very friendly and supportive class.
It doesn't matter how experienced at yoga you are, Lisa runs an all-inclusive class, from beginners upwards."
Mandy Wood